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Welcome to our Orthodontia in Zurich

Business Hours

Mon.-Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Consultation and treatment by appointment only please.


Stadelhoferstrasse 42, CH-8001 Zürich

at Dr. D. Heller and Dr. S. Kübler


Tel.: 0041 (43) 244 80 40

Fax: 0041 (43) 244 80 44 

E-Mail: info(at)


Your benefits with us at a glance

Fixed price guarantee


The price for treatment offered to you in writing by the orthodontist before the start of treatment is a fixed price. There are no hidden costs. If the treatment continues longer than anticipated, there are no additional costs to you. For example, if we assume 14 months but it takes 18, then you do not pay a surcharge for the appointments and care during the last 4 months. 


As invisible as possible: Guaranteed.

Invisalign, unsichtbare Zahnspange, in Hand.


Especially in adult life a certain presentation and look are essential. After all, many of our patients represent their companies in front of customers in their work. Other patients are pursuing specific types of sport or play musical instruments which are hard to reconcile with classic braces. This way or that, it is advantageous for the braces to be as invisible as possible. 

The procedure we use most frequently is Invisalign

The name has been chosen very well since the method guarantees, as it is applied here, minimal visibility, and the braces can be removed by you yourself at any time: You don’t have anything in your mouth that you cannot remove yourself without a problem at any time within a few seconds like a mouth guard for sports, and can thus appear at important appointments or presentations confidently without braces, without thereby impacting the correction negatively.

Satisfaction guarantee

You want to have a beautiful smile. Your smile is our business card. We therefore treat you as long as it takes to reach the jointly defined treatment goal.  &nb

Best materials: Guaranteed.

Especially in these times when cheaply produced breast implants lead to medical scandals with serious health risks, it is fundamentally important to us to ascertain that we exclusively use the best materials that money can buy and strictly adhere to the manufacturers’ specifications. 

You will never receive something other than the specified material from us just because one might be able to save a few cents that way.&nb

Treatment according to the latest state of technology and science: Guaranteed.

We guarantee that our orthodontists are trained according to the latest state of technology and continuously further their education to be able to apply new advancements in the area of orthodontia for our patients as quickly as possible.&nb



Treatment with as little pain as possible: Guaranteed.

We guarantee that we will only let absolutely necessary, minimal forces affect your teeth, which in turn leads to only the absolutely necessary discomfort being felt. The majority of our patients say that they feel a pull but no pain.&nb

As little time at the dentist as possible: Guaranteed.

Time is money, and you have better things to do than constantly driving to the orthodontist and waiting there for your turn and then heading back again. Life is already complicated enough. We only schedule as many appointments as are medically required, unnecessary appointments are omitted.&nb

Short appointments: Guaranteed.

We guarantee that you won’t have to wait more than 10 minutes.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions, we are sure to be able to answer them during a complimentary consultation.


We reserve a portion of our time exclusively for consultations. You can reach us during out telephone times, Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., at the telephone number 0041 (43) 244 80 40. Or you can use the following form for your inquiry: